What do i do about my parents being against me being in the military?
2006-04-06 07:22:17 UTC
I have been wondering how I am going to pay for college lately. My parents have told me last year that they would pay for it but this year my mother has decided to go back to nursing school so now all of the money that they have saved is going to go towards her education. My mother is going to make sure the money goes towards her because when I asked her what am I going to do she told me flat out "get student loans". Now I have not applied for many scholarships.
Now a marine recruiter called me and that put an idea into my head. Any branch of the military pays all of my college. This made me think about it more. I saw some good out of joining it (gaining more pride and having more discipline) and have a meeting with a recruiter tomorrow. Now when I told my parents that he was going to be at our house they were very against it. I was afraid to say I wanted to meet with him soI kept saying little comments like they pay for my college and stuff like that. I dont know how to tell them.
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2006-04-06 07:28:00 UTC
My parents were against it too when I wanted to enlist. There is a better way to be in the military and get school paid for. Join ROTC. That's what I am doing. I wasn't able to get on scholarship right away, so I took out a student loan for the first year of college, and now I am on scholarship, so they pay my tuition and fees, $300 per semester for books, and depending on what year you are in school, you can get between $300-$450 per month allowance.

If you enlist, yes, they will pay for college, but not until after you have served. And I can completely understand where your parents are coming from, especially if you're thinking of the Marines. Being in the Marines is definitely more dangerous than being in any other branch of the military.

Talk to the ROTC recruiters at the college you are planning on attending, you might be able to get on scholarship right away. That way you get the respect and discipline of the military, and you get school paid for, you have a relatively high-paying job right out of college, and you don't have to worry about ending up in Marines infantry.
2006-04-06 12:20:58 UTC
There are some good comments here already. If you want to join just for the college money, you will hate it. But, if you really want to join, research all branches and pick the one that really appeals to you the most. It might even help if you know someone already in or just got out. They can help you decode what the recruit is telling you.

ROTC is a good idea, too. But, I was enlisted, and I really think it would be better if you enlist, get some experience there, then go to school, and if you still want military, go ROTC. Once you become an officer that way, the enlisted people will respect you more.

And the military is NOT just someplace to go because you have nothing better to do (as a previous poster said). When I got out of high school, I tried to join, but I still had braces on my teeth. They would not take me. I went to a technical school instead, learned computer programming, got a job, then six months later joined the Navy. I had plenty to do, and would have been just fine without joining. But I really wanted the military experience, so when I could, I signed up.
2006-04-06 08:22:14 UTC
ROTC is a good idea, but if you are only using the military as a way to pay for College, don't do it. You'll hate your time in if that's the case. Discipline and pride can be obtained elsewhere like say Martial Arts. If you actually want to go Military, then make that decision and your parents will learn to live with it.

Being from a military background myself (My parents are both in), I did not take that route. My mother actually suggested that I didn't. I also know that recruiters will say just about anything to get you in. I'm not saying they lie to say, but they sure do make it sound better than it really is.

Research your options here, student loans are not the end of the world!
2006-04-18 12:00:59 UTC
I must warn you that the recruiter (ANY RECRUITER) will be like a used car salesman and will tell you just what you want to know to get you to put your signature to an enlistment contract... DO YOUR HOME WORK!!! If you are going into the military for just the educational benefits you are going to miserable... There are several options for education support. 1. Check into student loans (Which you have to pay back after you graduate) 2. Look into enlistment into a branch of service of the military (remember to PICK what job you want and do not let the recruiter snow job you into an "open contract" for which more often than not you will get screwed.) 3. Check your local collages for an ROTC program. (You will get paid for going to collage and getting a degree but you will be REQUIRED to serve as an Officer in the military for some time after you graduate) 4. Check into student grants from the government, private industry and other sources.

My suggestion is you check all your options before you sign the dotted line to enlist, but if enlistment is what you decide remember that the Military is a mission first organization and your personal school needs will many time fall short of what your unit is requiring you to do... Getting an education with the militaries help is great I've done it myself, but I had to wait to get our of the service the frist time to take the advantage of those benifits. DO YOUR HOME WORK, and good luck!!!
2006-04-07 08:22:14 UTC
I would continue your plan to go into the military. You are old enough to make your own decisions on what you want to do in your life. I enlisted in the military in order to also go to college and it has been worth it. The military pays for your college and it also gives you the pride and discipline to be a better person too. If you have too I would meet with the recruiter outside of your home and proceed from there. If your parents can't come to terms then let them know how you feel, tell them and show them what the military has to offer you as well as paying for your college. Noone should have to be subjected to taking out loans if they don't want to be in debt for the rest of their lives when there are other ways such as the military to get assistance. By the way the military also has enlistment bonuses you might also want to check into depending on what career you want to go into. If you would like to discuss this or talk about this with me please feel free to contact me.
The_Cricket: Thinking Pink!
2006-04-13 05:15:45 UTC
First, I commend you for wanting to join the military! However, as others have already said, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Yes, it's nice to have money for college, and you get some nice benefits (the medical is great to have, even though sometimes it's horrible!), and you have a steady paycheck that's always pretty much the same amount.

But it's not all fun and games! You may get sent to a foreign country, whether peacefully (Germany, Korea, Italy depending on the branch you join...) or for war/peacekeeping (Iraq, Afghanistan...). Consider this carefully. You can't just up and leave any time you want, and you can't give your two week notice. Also, even if you serve the minimum (I believe it's three years) you can still be called into active duty within three years after that.

The military is great, but like any bureaucracy, it has its flaws. Sometimes you'll have NCO's who have the intelligence of a rock, and they're not always the most kind-hearted people, either. You'll have to deal with people treating you differently (sometimes negatively), and you'll see a whole new side to the world.

I'm not going to discourage you, but it's important that you're realistic about this. Yes, you'll get money for college, which is great, but it's not money for nothing.

As others have said, make sure you join for the right reasons. Do you want to serve your country? Can you survive on small amounts of sleep? Can you handle firing a weapon? Are you willing to go into war even if you disagree with the reasons? Are you willing to risk your life for those reasons? Will you give it all? Can you handle being pushed to your limit physically, emotionally, and mentally?

Just think about it before you join, because as was said already, if you join for the wrong reasons, you're going to hate it. Then where will you be?

Good luck!
2006-04-06 13:18:48 UTC
OK flat out...if you worry about what your parents think then it isn't your choice is it? Now my mom new from the get go that me going over to Iraq(which i have done and returned safely) is a possibility. Now with the Corps you will have the BEST training you could ever do i know because I have a friend of mine who was in the Army. He transferred over to the Corps because he knew that he didn't have the right training for the war...he was worried about his family. Now so you know all the services get the GI bill offered to them. At this point in time there is a GI bill kicker which gives you $3500 more to it i believe. Also with the Corps you have the option of a $50,000 GI bill and wile on active duty you get $4500 TA each semester. Tell your parents that if I join you will get OJT a steady paycheck and friends for life. Have your parents meet your recruiter and his / her Boss. Plus if you get an MOS the requires you to have a Secret or Top Secret clearance when you get out that is a BIG money maker.
2006-04-06 07:34:00 UTC
So you want to go to college, that's great! Now you have to come up with ways to pay. You definitely need to apply to every financial aid program there is, ask a counselor which ones. Also apply to scholarships. You cant really expect your parents to pay for it all, it would be great, but most of us don't have that luxury. You can definitely ask them for help, they can put in a part. Do you have a job? You can always earn the money while you study. The army is great at implanting ideas in people's head. The army is great for those whom have absolutely no means of paying for college, for those who are lost and are looking for something meaningful to do with their life, for those who want to follow in their family foot steps or who are just proud to serve their country. It's a serious thing, once you join and you change your mind you just cant say "sorry fellows, I think I'll go home now". Your parents are scared because they don't you to put yourself in a possible dangerous situation, they probably just don't know how to express that in a nicer way. Really think about what you want to do and the ways that you can achieve them before you make a big commitment like joining the army.
2006-04-06 07:29:12 UTC
You are a patriotic young American. You should be proud of your decision to serve your country. But you must remember that military service is not financial aid with a good workout program. If you go in as a mercenary for college funds, then you will have problems.

You are almost eighteen or have already turned eighteen. Parental approval is not needed. Do not let yourself be "guilted" by anti-military parents. You are able to make up your own mind.

Military service is a great way for a young person to put the finishing touches on growing up.

Good luck. And please ignore all the anti-military rants you will be reading here.
2006-04-06 08:53:56 UTC
I think that you should tell them that this is your way of getting your college funds. you should also remind your mom that since she's getting all of the money that was saved and wanted you to get student loans, (which are kinda hard to get sometimes) she should be happy that you are taking initiative instead of just giving up. understand that duty will before school in the military. so that means that getting through college will take you longer than what you might want.
2006-04-19 22:17:43 UTC
Stay away from the military. Kids are dying because they have inadequate armor. More and more terrorists are getting involved. Visit an army hospital before you make any decisions. You will be horrified at what you see.

Talk to your parents again. Maybe they can afford to send you to a community college or you can work and go to school at night and on week-ends. If you are afraid of your own parents, how can you fight a terrorist enemy?
2006-04-18 07:13:18 UTC
Please let men's job be carried out by men.

Do you ever let your baby be breast feed by his father? Or have you ever watched ladies wrestling or Boxing? Its more funny than being interesting. Even weightlifting. Military service (combat) should be left to its pertinents. Female body / mind is made in such a way that should not be exposed to extensive pressure. On the other hand, elegance is so interrelated with feminism that Vivienne Westwood quotes: It is not possible for a man to be elegant without a touch of feminity. Better apply for an office job even if you wanna be in military. Pardon my language.
2006-04-06 15:32:43 UTC
my parents are against it too. IF your old enough to go in then your old enough to decide. Meet with all the branches and see what one you like. But you need to join the military other then collage reasons. Because right now you need to understand. We are at war. So if you go in what do you think will happen to you?
2006-04-06 09:40:08 UTC
Listen, I know how you feel because I want to join the Army but my parents a little skeptacle about my decision. My only tip is to tell them stuff that they want to hear, but it explain it to them in a different way. Also, try to add in some reasons why you want to join the military and if you play your cards right, they will let you. Let me know how it goes by telling me at
2006-04-20 03:56:15 UTC
You have to start living for yourself. I've you've thought about it, and decided that joining the Marines is good for you, just do it. Say, "Mom? Dad? I love you but I'm going enlisting with or without your support. I wish you would respect that."
2016-10-16 02:22:13 UTC
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2006-04-16 22:15:21 UTC
contact the local person who leads up the civil air patrol in your area

we are affilited with the airforce but you can not be called up for overseaes duty which means you can not serve in a war zone

the plus sid eis the civil air patrol offers college scolarships that would pay for your college and you would not have to pay for it your self
2006-04-18 05:47:12 UTC
A lot of good advice here. I agree with ROTC. God Bless you Dear.
2006-04-14 12:48:18 UTC
2006-04-06 07:24:07 UTC
write a letter to Pres Bush, explain your situation. Bush will then threaten an IRS audit upon your parents who will then relent and not oppose your mlitary interest
2006-04-17 09:07:35 UTC
if my parents were againts me i would get really mad or i would run away but if i was u i would be good and allways give them the puppy face to see if they change their mind!!!!!!
2006-04-06 09:03:11 UTC


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