Would you join the army if the singing bonuses were more than $20,000?
2006-01-30 10:18:51 UTC
Would you join the army if the singing bonuses were more than $20,000?
Thirteen answers:
2006-01-30 10:49:02 UTC
Serving your country should never be about the financial gain. I'm personally considering enlisting in the Reserves because I can not afford the pay cut of full time enlistment. By can't afford I mean I would not be able to make my mortage and care for my family. Additionally $20,000 is not very much money. In terms of motivating me personally with a large sum of money to do something I don't want to do, you would need to give me enough to buy a nice piece of property. 20g hardly buys a nice truck!
2006-01-31 09:18:44 UTC
isnt the us army already paying civilians more than that, I know some of the re enlistment bonus's are around 15,000 and if deployed at the time you get it tax free, and the real kicker is you dont even have to have any experience, hell they dont even give the experienced soldiers anything!
2006-01-30 22:09:06 UTC
Nah, nobody is going to pay me more than $20,000 to sing. They might pay me $20,000 to NOT sing, tho.
2006-01-30 18:21:18 UTC
Not as just enlisted. Maybe as an Officer(which I could do because I have a degree).
Lisa Marie
2006-01-30 18:19:56 UTC
it depends on other stuff like the time period how much you'd get over the time if it offers a course that you like its not all about sign-on money!
2006-01-30 18:20:08 UTC
I would join the navy if they would let me, but they don't want blind bats driving their retirement boats.
2006-01-30 18:20:36 UTC
i agree with beth. money is nice, but i'd rather be alive than have $20,000.
2006-01-30 18:20:51 UTC
LOL I hope you meant signing, not singing.
2006-01-30 18:19:17 UTC
No way. How am I going to spend that money if I'm dead?
2006-01-30 19:24:19 UTC
heck yes
2006-01-30 18:25:48 UTC
if you are serving your country then it shouldn't matter how much signing bonus there is.
2006-01-30 18:46:49 UTC
Do it.. I need Oil....
2006-01-30 18:25:36 UTC
No, I cant "SING". . . .

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