why americans hate arabian so much? are they complecated?
2006-01-27 14:39:50 UTC
why americans hate arabian so much? are they complecated?
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Poetoffire 777
2006-01-27 14:41:50 UTC
No, just different. And their government is sometimes inexeptible, and some of them are major terrorists involved in killing thousands of innocent people.
2006-01-27 14:47:34 UTC
They don't. Americans are known overall to be very kind, generous, and accepting.

They don't always understand other cultures but historically Americans have contributed to Arab nations in more ways than any other country in the world including other Arab countries. Contrinutions have been eith money, services, education, etc...

Americans are complicated but not hateful. It's important that Americans as a whole not be judged based on a few bad americans the same way that Arabians not be judged on a few bad Arabians.
2006-01-27 21:54:42 UTC
It's not Arabians per se, but it's the irrational, fanatic, extremist, CRAZY HUMANS!, wanting to kill innocent people, that have caused Americans to defend themselves many times in the past. They are not very likable!

If there are Arabians who fit this criteria,they should be dealt with properly and thoroughly!

"v arragorn"; I'm talking about the actions of the CRAZY, FANATIC, HUMANS, that blew up the COLE, and blew up the WTC, etc.

Whether they are Arabians, or Chinese, or Purple People Eaters.

Bottom line is, "THEY ARE BAD,EVIL, PEOPLE"!!!!!

I think there are a lot of Arabians who DON'T fit that criteria and Americans should love them, one to another!
2006-01-28 02:44:39 UTC
This isn't personal, they don't hate arabs, problem is Arabs have lots of Oil and Henry Kissinger, US Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon & Ford says "Oil is much too important a commodity to be left in the hands of the Arabs.---"

There are many irrational, fanatic, extremist, CRAZY HUMANS! in US, also in many other countries, why US try to free only Arabs? Grow Up Richbro, Arabs are very kind people (I'm not Arab) with their own traditions and their traditions are related only to themselves.

What Arabs have done that made US people defend themselves? Bin laden is the Frankstein that US has created not Arabs, don't blame anyone for your actions RichBro.
2006-01-27 14:48:26 UTC
most americans don't hate arabs. unfortunately, however, our government has found it expedient to use american xenophobia (the fear of people who are different from you) to further the military industrial complex. some people are making a load of money selling weapons and using them to bomb people who stand in the way of their version of "progress."

pretty messed up, isn't it? but if we keep talking about it, spreading the word about what the majority wants (peace, happiness, a decent life), then perhaps we'll get closer to the world we all want to live in.
2006-01-31 11:30:11 UTC
Americans as a whole don't hate Arabs. At least the ones I know.

Our religions don't teach us to hate and kill other religions.
2006-01-27 14:45:42 UTC
It's only the government and the media which harmfully influences the thoughts of masses of people.
2006-01-27 14:43:03 UTC
this is a generalization. i dont hate arabs and i am an american. go figure.

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