has anyone served in navy? if u have please tell me what are some good jobs?
2006-03-02 20:58:27 UTC
has anyone served in navy? if u have please tell me what are some good jobs?
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2006-03-03 04:32:16 UTC
If you decide to join the navy do a few things.

1) ask the recuiter to give a list of all jobs that have a good "CREO". That allows for fast advancement.

2) Pick a job of that list that interest you and has good potential for civilain jobs.

I'm a IC now but changing rates to CTM. CT's have a lot of good potential inside and outside of the navy. These rates have alot to do with computers,communications and networking.
2006-03-05 21:00:51 UTC
I'm a STS which is Sonar Technician (Submarines). I have been in eight years now and I've enjoyed it. First thing you have to be willing to be submerged for long periods of time. The longest for me was 63 days. Also, once you qualify submarines you are pretty much stuck in that community. So if you have any plans on doing different jobs in the navy besides subs I wouldn't join the submarine force. Though I have seen people transfer out of submarines but it took them years of re-writing request after request. Now to be an ST, obviously you need good hearing. Being able to multi-task is another trait. Also, have good, quick mental math skills. If you enjoy working with electronics and computers, sonar is a good way to go. I strongly recommend you choose a rate that will help you career wise once you decide to leave the navy. I am currently working on a Information Technology degree, using my time in the Navy to help with my college courses. All Navy tech schools aka "A"-Schools give so many hours which can be used as college credit. Even boot camp accounts as college credit, unfortunately I don't remember how much. So research well on what job you want, make sure you get what you want. Cause in the long run if you don't, you'll hate your time in. I wish you the best and good luck. I hope I was of some help in your decision.
2006-03-03 07:07:46 UTC
Try to find a job where you do get to work on the equipment (maintenance and repair), and operate it. Most jobs are either one or the other. I was a FC (Fire Controlman), and got to do both. We fixed and maintained the radars, computers, consoles, and other equipment (other the guns themselves) used to fire the 5" guns. And then when it came time to actually fire the guns, we did the aiming and shooting. There's nothing like seeing first hand how your hard work pays off.

And the comment about finding a job with fast advancement, I agree, but it can close up real quick. I made FC2 (E-5) in only 2 years, but then got stuck there for the next 6 years.
2006-03-03 01:44:01 UTC
the navy has many different jobs. i my self am an avonics tech and love my job and my brother in a cook and hates his. if you are going to join the navy pick a job that is in high demand in the civian world. they pick military first.
2006-03-02 22:15:20 UTC
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