what would happen when two soliders got into a fight?
2006-04-07 05:30:07 UTC
like a punishment
Five answers:
2006-04-07 05:39:26 UTC
Totally depends on a lot of factors:

1) How public was the incident?

2) What was the incident about (mitigating factors)?

3) How much property damage and physical harm was done?

4) Who outranked who?

5) Who threw the first or only punch?

A commander will take statements from both soldiers, weigh the evidence, and either article 15 one or both or send one or both to courts martial.

If they were busted by an NCO without doing too much damage, I just see a lot of dishwashing and lawn mowing in their future.
2006-04-07 05:37:57 UTC
They would fight fair. You didn't indicate whether or not they are American soldiers. Our soldiers are trained to honor, protect, serve, and to have discipline. I don't think any American soldier would go beyond the fist in face assault, without weighing the consequences that would follow.
2006-04-07 05:37:48 UTC
Both of them will bleed and the next thing they will be doing together will be running around with their rifles held over their head.
dr strangelove
2006-04-07 06:08:05 UTC
Just will is right...First thing I would take away is being on the internet. They would not have time to be asking anything on line.
2006-04-07 06:02:12 UTC
They both die.

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