What rate in the U.S. Navy shoots the big guns?
2012-10-23 12:07:03 UTC
I want to join the Navy but I'd like to be the guy who shoots one of those giant guns on the battleships.
Eleven answers:
2012-10-23 12:08:49 UTC
Gunner's mate.
Mark F
2012-10-23 13:09:54 UTC

The Navy has no big guns and has not for 20 years. The battleships are gone forever.
2012-10-23 12:09:08 UTC
The Navy no longer uses battleships.
2012-10-23 13:53:38 UTC
Naval guns are operated by gunner's mates. The largest gun on US Navy ships, however, are five inch guns carried on cruisers and destroyers. The last battleship was decommissioned in 1992.
2016-07-31 06:58:51 UTC
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Voonie Vootie
2012-10-23 12:36:43 UTC
The real damage in U.S. Navy attacks today is done by fast attack submarines launching Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Last years' attack on Libya began with cruise missile attacks launched from the nuclear attack submarines USS Providence and USS Scranton. The very first shots were fired from attack submarines and also the guided missile submarine USS Florida.

The Navy submarine rating that handles missile launches is Fire Controlman (FC)
2012-10-23 16:21:10 UTC
All the battleships are gone, never coming back.
The Questioner
2012-10-23 12:12:28 UTC
Gunners Mate, and we don't use Battleships anymore.
2012-10-23 12:22:15 UTC
Hollywood uses the big guns for dramatic effect. These days it's mostly cruise missiles.
Menard K
2012-10-23 12:23:13 UTC
Ships still have the 8" rifle

and they are in the care of GUNNERS MATES

however most of the fire power on modern ships

is in the form of rockets & missiles, fire control radar

very technical & highly skilled work .... would you like to become a fire control geek?

Also, Please note, some recruits who really dig the big guns

have issues with their own "manhood" ....

Oh well, amateur disciple of Dr. Sigmund FRAUD.....
2012-10-23 12:48:59 UTC
Gunners Mate, though here is one for you Armchair Generals in America;which is the same!!!! ''ORDNANCE ARTIFICER''!!! The ''Big Battle Wagons-Battleships are not in use anymore; they are at BoatsBM1 house on his kitchen table; The ''GAME-BATTLESHIPS'' !!!!!

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