Whats the best way for forming a beret?
2006-01-25 21:09:48 UTC
Ive been in the airforce for 4 years so far and cant get my beret to look right. Any answers?
Five answers:
2006-01-27 01:54:34 UTC
I'm in the Army and I agree with Cecil (LOL). But you chose your branch and now you gotta wear the (*****) headgear, right.

o Start with a new cover. The old one already knows its bad habits it's time to hang it up.

o Since it's wool you want to shave the fuzzies down to give it a crisp form for forming and make it look better. Use a pack of cheap AAFES brand razors. They nick your face up but they are perfect here. Spread the material and shave EVENLY be careful not to go too thin in places or too deep. Use something smooth and rounded to place underneath to make it firmer. Don't forget to shave the inside too this will make it better to form

o After you shave that puppy. Use a lighter sparingly to get those small places you missed. Then iron it flat on high heat.

o Soak it in water don't just get it wet and put it in on your noggin for shaping. Since its wet it will form better but it will shrink when it dries so you got to stretch the material a little as you go around

o Where you've made creases hit in with the iron again

o After you got it shaped spray hairspray on it. This will lock in the shape you formed. Put a small saftey pin in the flappy part to the brim to make sure it stays that way.

o Let your cover dry over night in the shape.

Always fold your head's dust filter the same way when you store it after use
2006-01-26 06:32:04 UTC
well i dont know the difference with airforce and army but i am in the army jrotc, and what we do is shave the little tiny hairs on the top, then you have to hold either the left or right side(depending where your beret flash is placed)and pull the opposite side to the earlofe. if you want an even better result, put it on to your desire and take a shower with it on, as you are taking a shower, shape it. it should be getting wet for a good 30 minutes and then get out of the shower, let it dry ON your head for about 3 hours keeping it shaped. this will take a long time but it will look great.
2006-01-26 06:42:01 UTC
get out of the "Chair Force". Join the Marine Corps. Wear a real cover. Never worry about those ***** berets again. Problem solved.
2006-01-26 05:20:57 UTC
Hold the rim and give it a shake to puff it out. Should look like a funny mushroom. Without flattening it center on your head buy lining your thumbs with earlobes and pull it on. Flatten it straight down. Then without picking your hands up adjust it in mirror till correct. That should work for you. Good luck!
2006-01-26 05:15:02 UTC
2 fingers silly

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