Can't any missile carry a nuclear warhead ?
2010-01-31 09:08:05 UTC
I have read before something like "This missile can carry a nuclear warhead", so why can't every missile carry one ? instead of its explosive warhead.
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2010-01-31 18:18:06 UTC
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not every missiles can carry nuclear warheads

every missile is designed to carry a payload , every missile for every purpose, specific design is an imperative

also the way the missile is launched from

nuclear submarines launch missiles conventional and nuclear

surface ships launch conventional missiles not nuclear ones

missiles from underground facilities are nuclear icbm inter continental ballistic missiles are meant to deliver nuclear power

alternative means to deliver nuclear power

royal air force had the v force, avro vulcan bombers were meant to fly low and to deliver nuclear power , later the navy had such role once england had enough submarines

during 50´s and 60s us air force f 100 jets were devoted to cross berlin wall and to drop nuclear warheads they had under the wings

soviet kgb spies had nuclear bombs the size of a brief case ( like Business people use) a nuclear bomb was designed to fit inside a metal box, and those spies entered usa to put those bombs buried secretly close to us air force bases

From sergio the surfer
2010-01-31 09:26:44 UTC
A UK Trident strategic missile has 8 to 12 nuclear warheads. Each of these is roughly the size of a road traffic cone.

A missile thus has to be big enough to take at least one warhead.......
2010-01-31 13:17:45 UTC
No, not all missile can carry nuclear warheads.

Nuclear warheads are heavy, they need specific structural support for the payload package.

They also need specific nuclear safe guards installed in the missile

IE: permissive arming links, the electronics necessary to detonate the missile
2010-01-31 09:28:27 UTC
Well I guess they could, but it would be custom, andrather small. Not all rockets are big enough to carry nuclear warheads, because warheads come in sizes. You could put a custom warhead onto a small rocket but then it wouldn't really be worth having either because it would barely do any damage or you wouldn't be able to launch it from a far enough distance for it to not hurt you.
2010-01-31 09:35:23 UTC
Not all missile have the capabilities to carry nuclear warheads. It would be against UN laws to have all missiles carry nuclear wharheads.
2016-11-08 02:45:56 UTC
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2010-01-31 09:25:53 UTC
They can if you have the ability to make the nuclear warhead small and light enough.*
2010-01-31 09:15:47 UTC
because you don't always want to completely radiate an area

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