a question about snipers?
2006-03-09 05:51:19 UTC
if we are tought and raised not to "soil" ourselves but then snipers go out for weeks at a time and are not allowed to leave to find a restroom. why is it ok for them to pee themselves and not the rest of the population?
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2006-03-09 06:52:36 UTC
I'm not sure where you got the idea that they pee themselves. You don't have to be a sniper to know that for the most part there are no restrooms nor port-a-podies to utilize when nature calls. There's a reason why we carry an entrenching tool(compact shovel). You locate a good spot with adequate cover and concealment, clear a spot, dig, release and cover. That is all there is to it without getting more grossly descriptive.
2006-03-09 13:53:17 UTC
I'm sure they don't pee themselves. They pee in a corner or something, it would be disgusting if they peed on themselves. They probably stay in hotels or something anyway so they have access to facilities.
2006-03-09 13:53:33 UTC
first off who says they pee themselves. secondly when being trained to become a sniper certain duties become more important than what we've been previously taught.
2006-03-09 14:49:19 UTC
in the s.a.s snipers work in teams of at least 2, one has to keep in position ready at all times while the other cooks eats goes toilet etc, then when the other wants to go toilet etc they switch.
2006-03-09 14:58:10 UTC
thats not even a question..they would take a rotating shift for a break
2006-03-09 16:46:31 UTC
As Mr. T would say FOOL They Piss and **** in bags and take it with them!
2006-03-09 14:18:28 UTC
I am not sure this question merits serious consideration.
2006-03-09 13:52:24 UTC

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