on a military uniform what is that braded rope around the arm and what does it mean?
2006-02-05 17:24:25 UTC
on a military uniform what is that braded rope around the arm and what does it mean?
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2006-02-05 18:11:13 UTC
The French Fourragere

The Fourragere is a combat decoration instituted by Napoleon for units that distinguished themselves in battle. In 1918, Marines of the 5th and 6th Regiments, by their deeds of valor, inscribed the names of momentous and brilliant battles on the pages of Marine Corps History. They have the single honor of being the only two Regiments in the A.E.F. to receive three citations, two in the Order of the Army and one in the Orders of the Corps. The Fourragere and the Croix de Guerre with two palms and one Gilt Star. The first award of the Croix de Guerre came after the Battle of Belleau Wood. The second award of the Croix de Guerre followed shortly after the Battle of Soissons. The final award came after the Battle of Champagne, which opened the western approaches to the Argonne.
2006-02-05 17:40:12 UTC
You've opened a can of worms buddy. The braided cord goes round the shoulder, not round, but under, the arm. The original purpose of the shoulder tab was to hold the cord in place. The cord now has only a decorative function, but used to carry a whistle, bullhorn or mobile phone in the middle ages, for keeping the enlisted men in line and calling them to the cookhouse at chow-time.
2006-02-10 14:16:29 UTC
The light blue cord on a U.S. Army uniform signifies that the wearer holds and Infantryman MOS (Military Occupation Speciality).
2006-02-05 17:35:09 UTC
In the Marine Corps, it represents the 5th & 6th Marine Regiments, to distinguish them due to the battle of Beallio (SP?) Woods in France during World War 1.
2006-02-06 17:45:10 UTC
As a previous commenter said, they mean various things in various branches. Where I was stationed in the Air Force, for example, different colors meant different things--red, yellow, and green ropes were worn by fellow student leaders (they were in charge of the floor they lived on, generally) and blue ropes were worn by the sargeants in charge of different groups of us students.
2006-02-05 17:26:39 UTC
What branch of the military and is the person an officer or an enlisted member? How about a picture to help us out? Please be more specific.
2016-07-09 12:58:55 UTC
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2006-02-08 11:54:57 UTC
what branch and what color, you have to be more specific, in the Army it is for what your MOS is.

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