Where can I get a good crew and a surplus ship to hunt pirates?
dr strangelove
2006-03-19 09:24:19 UTC
The US has fired up some pirates off the coast of Somalia. The UN is asking for help(normal for them) in fighting PIRATES. Im trying to find out how to get a Letter of Marques from Congress, and now I need a stout crew of hardy men, and a good ship, to start Privateering. Anybody got any ideas?
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Its not me Its u
2006-03-19 14:41:21 UTC
Your ad would read: "WANTED: Crewmates looking for fun and adventure on the high seas. Experience in open-water warfare a plus. Wimps need not apply, unless,of course you are of the female persuasion. SALARY: DOE, please send your resumes and recent picture to: Dr.Stangelove, Ph.D.,CAPT, and part-time Hulkster.
2006-03-19 16:35:31 UTC
Even if you did succeed in getting a letter of marque from some government somewhere, you would still need to get your ship there, pay the crew, get them spare parts and food, and maintain the ship. All of that costs a LOT of money; I know - I'm an engineering officer on a merchant ship!

You are VERY unlikely to make your money back by capturing dirt-poor Somali pirates.

On the other hand, if you could somehow take a motor vessel back in time to raid the ships of the Spanish Main, then I'll make those engines run like clockwork for you; sign me on board...
2006-03-19 09:39:21 UTC

Mercs for hire! And good at what they do. But it will cost you.

Other than that maybe hire some non-US citizens and offer to help the with citizenship. You could get 10 of them in a row boat for under $50.
2016-12-07 07:22:44 UTC
i grow to be questioning Obama would purchase them new ships and lead them to pinky swear to not do it back.............................. I actual concept apologies have been due the pirates............ those human beings have been attempting to make a income! EDIT: i think of the habit of the team is conservative - they at the instant are not waiting for somebody to tell them the thank you to remedy their issues - they remedy them! i don't think of there will be repurcussions for the team - yet you in no way recognize............the UN would could get entangled.
2006-03-19 19:23:01 UTC
FUNNY, ah, the life of a privateer...go forth Sir Francis Drake!
The Foosaaaah
2006-03-19 09:25:01 UTC
Advertise in the local paper.
2006-03-19 16:59:48 UTC
I am a logistics specialist and weapons expert.

When do we sail?

Hey we do split the booty, correct?
2006-03-19 11:03:15 UTC
2006-03-20 20:18:28 UTC
I'm with you and gimpalong. Let's do it!!!

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