Whats your Idea about Explosive an atomic Bomb in USA ? please Vote?
2006-02-07 04:58:17 UTC
Whats your Idea about Explosive an atomic Bomb in USA ? please Vote?
Five answers:
2006-02-07 05:23:50 UTC
Lets put it this way. We've be nice so far. You do that and we'll kill every one on the face of the earth that ain't a loyal American.
2006-02-07 05:34:08 UTC
CuriousK is ovbiously an idealist with visions of Utopia, and fails to face the reality that humans aren't perfect and there will always be some sort of warfare going on.

I don't really understand your question, but I think you're asking opinions on what would happen if somebody were to detonate a nuclear weapon in the US. Well, that would be a very bad thing, and I'm personally against it. Plus, whoever was responsible would be hunted down and executed, so it's not a good idea for them either.
2006-02-07 05:01:14 UTC
I hate atomic bombs and all weapons. Why do people hurt one another? I wish we could all get along, look past our differences, respect one another and STOP violence. I have friends from almost every continent and from many, many religions. We all respect one another and we learn much from each other. Bombs and all weapons of mass destruction cause strife and division and cheat the human race out of opportunities for friendships and increased knowledge. :(
2006-02-07 05:05:10 UTC
Since I live in the US, I am against an atomic bomb being exploded here. Is that what your question meant? Would you please edit your questions so people will know what you are trying to say?
2006-02-08 16:00:43 UTC
As long as it's underground in the Yucca Flats of Nevada, I won't sweat it too much.

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